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Liloan to Sibulan Ferry Schedule Updated 2024

The best way to travel from Liloan to Sibulan is by ferry. In this article, we will provide you with the updated ferry schedule and other essential information for your journey.

From how to get to Liloan port from Cebu City to how to get to Sibulan port from Dumaguete City, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll also recommend some excellent hotels and resorts to stay in both cities and suggest activities to do after your ferry ride. So, let’s dive in and plan your trip!

Liloan to Sibulan Ferry Schedule and Fare

Now, let’s talk about the ferry schedule and fare for the Liloan to Sibulan route. There are several ferry operators to choose from, including Maayo Shipping and Cuadro Alas Fastcraft.

Each operator has its own schedule and fare, so it’s essential to plan accordingly.

Maayo Shipping

Sibulan to Liloan & Liloan to Sibulan: 4:30am, 6:00am, 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:30am, 12:00noon, 1:30pm, 3:00pm, 4:30pm, 6:00pm, 7:30pm, 9:00pm, 10:30pm


Regular: 70 PHP

Student: 60 PHP

Senior: 65 PHP

4 Wheelers: 1420 PHP

Motorcycle: 275 PHP

6 Wheelers (loaded): 2965 PHP

6 Wheelers (empty): 2520 PHP

Travel Time: 30 Minutes Approx.

Cuadro Alas Fastcraft

From Liloan: 4:00am, 5:00am, 6:00am, 7:00am, 8:00am, 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00 noon, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm

From Sibulan: 5:00am, 6:00am, 7:00am, 8:00am, 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00 noon, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm, 7:00pm, 8:00pm


Regular: 120 PHP

Student: 102 PHP

Senior: 96 PHP

Children (3-9 Years Old): 60 PHP

Travel Time: 20 Minutes Approx.

How to Get to Liloan Port from Cebu City

To reach Liloan port from Cebu City, you have several options. You can take a bus, taxi, or private car. The approximate travel time is around 4 to 5 hours, depending on traffic conditions.

The distance between Cebu City and Liloan port is approximately 140 kilometers. The cost will vary depending on your chosen mode of transportation.

Buses are the most affordable option and are operated by Ceres from South Bus Terminal; private cars offer more convenience and flexibility. Taxis are the most expensive and are not really practical considering the long ride. Consider your budget and schedule when deciding which option is best for you.

How to Get to Sibulan Port from Dumaguete City

To get to Sibulan port from Dumaguete City, you can choose between a tricycle, jeepney, or taxi. Tricycles are the most common mode of transportation in Dumaguete City and are relatively inexpensive.

Jeepneys are another popular option and are perfect for those who want a more local experience. Taxis provide a more comfortable and convenient ride, but they can be more expensive.

The travel time from Dumaguete City to Sibulan port is approximately 15 to 30 minutes, depending on traffic. The distance is only around 6 kilometers, so the journey is relatively short.

Best Hotels or Resorts to Stay in Dumaguete City (Sibulan)

When visiting Dumaguete City, there are several excellent hotels and resorts to choose from. Here are our top recommendations:

Atmosphere Resorts & Spa – This luxury resort offers stunning ocean views, spacious rooms, and a range of amenities, including a spa and infinity pool. It’s perfect for those seeking relaxation and tranquility.

Hotel Essencia – Located in the heart of Dumaguete City, Hotel Essencia offers comfortable rooms, excellent service, and convenient access to nearby attractions and dining options.

Hotel Dumaguete – A great boutique hotel in a great location. This hotel is extremely modern and will live up to almost anyones high standards!

Best Hotels or Resorts to Stay in Cebu City (North of Sibulan)

If you’re staying in Cebu City before or after your ferry ride, here are some recommended hotels and resorts:

Radisson Blu Cebu – This luxury hotel offers modern rooms, excellent dining options, and a rooftop pool with panoramic views of the city. It’s conveniently located near shopping malls and tourist attractions.

Quest Hotel & Conference Center – Situated in the heart of Cebu City, Quest Hotel offers comfortable rooms, a rooftop pool, and easy access to popular landmarks and entertainment venues.

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu – This five-star hotel boasts spacious rooms, a fitness center, and multiple dining options. It offers breathtaking views of the city and is known for its excellent service.

What to Do in Cebu City (Sibulan) or Dumaguete City (Liloan) After Your Ferry Ride

After your ferry ride, there are plenty of activities and places to explore in both Cebu City and Dumaguete City.

In Cebu City, you can visit historical sites such as Fort San Pedro and Magellan’s Cross, explore the vibrant Carbon Market, or go island hopping to nearby destinations like Mactan Island or Olango Island.

In Dumaguete City, you can relax on the white sand beaches of Sibulan, visit the famous Rizal Boulevard, or take a trip to Apo Island for snorkeling or diving. Both cities offer a variety of restaurants, cafes, and markets where you can try delicious local cuisine and shop for souvenirs.


In conclusion, traveling from Liloan to Sibulan by ferry is a convenient and enjoyable option. We’ve provided you with information on how to get to the ports, the ferry schedule and fare, and what to expect on board.

Important Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is the Fare from Lipata to Liloan?

The fare from Lipata to Liloan varies depending on the ferry operator and the class of accommodation. It’s best to check with the specific ferry operator for the most accurate fare information.

How Much Is the Fare from Santander to Dumaguete?

120 PHP for a regular, 102 for a student, 96 for a senior and 60 for a child (3-9 y/o).

How Long Is the Ferry from Liloan to Lipata?

The travel time from Liloan to Lipata by ferry is approximately 3 to 4 hours, depending on the weather and sea conditions. It’s advisable to check the ferry schedule for the estimated travel time.