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Tops Cebu Lookout: Read This Before You Go!

Tops Cebu Lookout is a popular tourist destination in Cebu, Philippines, known for its stunning panoramic views.

Perched on the hills of Busay, approximately 600 meters above sea level, this lookout offers unobstructed vistas of Cebu City, Mactan Island, and the surrounding mountains.

Whether you’re a nature lover or a photography enthusiast, a visit to Tops Cebu Lookout is a must for anyone exploring the beautiful island of Cebu. Here we cover everything you need to know about the Tops Cebu.

Location and Accessibility

Tops Cebu Lookout is located in the Barangay Busay area, just a short drive from Cebu City. The tops lookout is situated on a hilltop, offering visitors a breathtaking view of the city and beyond. To reach Tops, you can either drive your private vehicle or take public transportation.

If you’re driving, you can easily find your way to Tops by following the road signs from JY Square Mall in Lahug. The road leading to Tops is well-paved but can be narrow and winding, so exercise caution while driving. Motorcycle taxis, known as habal-habal, are also available for hire if you prefer a more adventurous ride.

For those relying on public transportation, you can take a jeepney or taxi from Cebu City to JY Square Mall. From there, you can hire a motorcycle taxi or take another jeepney that goes directly to Tops. It’s always a good idea to confirm with the driver that they are going to Tops Cebu Lookout to ensure a hassle-free journey.

Scenic Views

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The main attraction of Tops Cebu Lookout is, of course, the breathtaking views it offers. From the lookout point, you can see the entire expanse of Cebu City, with its skyline and bustling streets. On clear days, you can even catch a glimpse of Mactan Island and the shimmering waters beyond.

To make the most of your visit, consider timing your trip to catch the sunrise or sunset. The early morning sunrise paints the sky in hues of pink and orange, while the sunset bathes the city in a warm golden glow. Both moments offer a magical experience and provide excellent opportunities for photography.

Facilities and Amenities

Tops Cebu Lookout provides several facilities and amenities to enhance visitors’ experience. The lookout area has viewing decks equipped with binoculars, allowing you to get a closer look at the cityscape. There are also picnic areas where you can enjoy a leisurely meal while taking in the stunning views.

If you’re in need of refreshments, there are cafés and food stalls available where you can grab a snack or a cup of coffee. Restrooms are also available for your convenience. Please note that there may be a small entrance fee to access the lookout area, but the nominal fee is well worth the experience.

Best Time to Visit

To fully appreciate the beauty of Tops Cebu Lookout, it’s recommended to visit during sunrise or sunset. Arriving early in the morning allows you to witness the city come alive as the sun rises, casting a soft glow over the landscape. Alternatively, visiting during sunset offers a different perspective, as the city lights begin to twinkle against the darkening sky.

If you prefer a quieter experience, try to avoid peak hours, especially on weekends or holidays when the lookout can get crowded. Weekdays are generally less busy, allowing you to enjoy the serene atmosphere and have more space to capture that perfect shot.

Insider Tips

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Here are a few insider tips to make your visit to Tops Cebu Lookout even more enjoyable:

Dress comfortably: As the lookout is situated at a higher altitude, it can get chilly, especially during the early morning or late evening. Bring a light jacket or sweater to keep yourself warm.

Bring your camera or smartphone: Tops Cebu Lookout offers picture-perfect views, so don’t forget to capture the moment. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just want to snap some memorable shots, you’ll want to have your camera or smartphone handy.

Visit during weekdays: If possible, plan your visit for a weekday to avoid the crowds. This will give you a more relaxed and peaceful experience.

Nearby Attractions

While Tops Cebu Lookout is a destination in itself, there are other attractions nearby that you can explore:

Sirao Flower Farm: Known as the “Little Amsterdam” of Cebu, this flower farm is a colorful paradise. Marvel at the vibrant blooms and take stunning photos in this Instagram-worthy spot.

Temple of Leah: A grandiose temple built as a symbol of undying love. Explore the intricately designed architecture and enjoy panoramic views of the city.

JY Square Mall: If you’re looking for dining and shopping options, JY Square Mall is just a short drive away. Indulge in local delicacies or shop for souvenirs to bring back home.

Where to Stay

If you’re looking for accommodations near Tops Cebu Lookout, here are four options worth considering:

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu: This luxurious hotel offers breathtaking views of the city and provides easy access to Tops. Enjoy top-notch amenities, comfortable rooms, and exceptional service.

Montebello Villa Hotel: Nestled in a lush garden setting, this hotel is a serene retreat. With its proximity to Tops, you can enjoy a peaceful stay while still being close to the lookout.

Harolds Evotel: Located in the heart of Cebu City, this modern hotel is just a short distance from Tops Cebu Lookout. Enjoy comfortable rooms and a range of amenities for a convenient stay.

Safety Precautions

While exploring Tops Cebu Lookout, it’s important to keep these safety precautions in mind:

Stay within designated areas: To ensure your safety, stick to the designated viewing areas and follow any posted signs or instructions.

Be mindful of slippery paths: During rainy weather, some paths at Tops may become slippery. Take caution and watch your step to avoid any accidents.

Respect the environment and fellow tourists: Help preserve the natural beauty of Tops by not littering and respecting the surroundings. Be considerate of other visitors and maintain a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.


Tops Cebu Lookout offers an unforgettable experience with its breathtaking views of Cebu City and beyond. Whether you’re a nature lover, a photography enthusiast, or simply looking for a peaceful escape, a visit to Tops is a must.

Remember to plan your visit during sunrise or sunset, dress comfortably, and bring your camera to capture the beauty of this stunning lookout.

Don’t forget to explore the nearby attractions and consider staying at one of the recommended hotels for a truly memorable Cebu experience.

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Important Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tops Cebu Known For?

Tops Cebu is known for its stunning panoramic views of Cebu City, Mactan Island, and the surrounding mountains. It offers visitors a breathtaking vantage point to admire the cityscape and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

How Much is the Fare in Tops Cebu?

There may be a small entrance fee to access the Tops Cebu Lookout area. The exact fee may vary, so it’s best to inquire at the entrance or check the latest information from reliable sources.

Is Tops of Cebu Already Open?

As of the time of writing this article, Tops Cebu Lookout is open to the public. However, it’s always a good idea to check for any updates or changes in operating hours before planning your visit.

Who Owns Tops Cebu?

Tops Cebu Lookout is privately owned and operated. The exact ownership details may vary, but it’s a well-known tourist spot in Cebu.

What is the Rich Town in Cebu?

Lahug, where Tops Cebu Lookout is located, is often considered one of the affluent areas in Cebu. The neighborhood is known for its upscale residential properties, commercial establishments, and proximity to popular tourist attractions.