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Best Lechon in Cebu – 5 Must Taste Choices

Hello, foodies! Ready to embark on a culinary adventure? Let’s talk about lechon! For those unfamiliar, lechon is a beloved Filipino dish consisting of a whole roasted pig, cooked over charcoal for several hours.

Now if we’re talking about the best place to savor this delectable dish, Cebu is undoubtedly the lechon capital of the Philippines. People from all over the globe make a beeline for this city just to get a taste of its famous lechon.

So, what makes a lechon stand out? It’ s a combination of tender, flavorful meat, crispy golden skin, savory sauce, and of course, top-notch service. In this article, we’ll tour around five must-visit places in Cebu where you can satisfy your lechon cravings. So, grab your forks and let’s dig in!

CNT Lechon

CNT Lechon

CNT Lechon has been in the lechon game since 1987. With several branches across Cebu, this place has built a reputation for delivering consistently delicious lechon.

Their recipe boasts tender and juicy meat encased in crunchy, golden skin, all complemented by a simple yet tasty vinegar sauce.

Apart from lechon, CNT also offers dishes like lechon paksiw, lechon sisig, and lechon rice. So, if you’re around V. Rama Avenue, don’t miss their main branch open from 8 AM to 8 PM. Prices are reasonable and they can be reached at (032) 253 4241 for any inquiries.

House of Lechon

House of Lechon

Established just in 2015 by Marlon Gochan, House of Lechon has quickly gained a loyal following among lechon lovers.

Their lechon features succulent, tender meat and crispy, thin skin, drizzled with a unique Carcar sauce.

In addition to lechon, they serve up lechon dinuguan, lechon sinigang, and lechon baka. You can find them at Acacia Street, open from 10 AM to 10 PM. For inquiries, you can reach them at (032) 231 0958.



Zubuchon, created by Joel Binamira in 2009, has received high praise, even from celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain who called it “the best pig ever”.

Their lechon is moist and flavorful, the skin crunchy and crackly, and the ingredients and herbs are all organic.

Zubuchon also offers lechon mami, lechon sandwich, and lechong manok. You can visit their main branch at Mango Avenue, open from 8 AM to 10 PM. For further details, contact them at (032) 239 5697.

Ayer’s Lechon

ayers lechon

Ayer’s Lechon, started by Anastacio Ayer in 1985, has been serving quality lechon for over three decades. Their lechon boasts soft and savory meat, crispy and light skin, and a delicious liver sauce.

Ayer’s Lechon also offers lechong baboy ramo (wild boar), boneless lechong belly (liempo), and chicharon bulaklak (fried pork rinds). You can find them at Escario Street, open from 9 AM to 9 PM. For inquiries, call them at (032) 255 2700.

Rico’s Lechon

ricos lechon

Founded by Enrico Dionson in 1997, Rico’s Lechon has become one of the most popular lechon brands in Cebu.

The meat is incredibly flavorful and aromatic, while the skin offers a crispy, crackling delight. Their signature spicy sauce is the perfect accompaniment to the lechon, adding an extra dimension of flavor.

Rico’s Lechon also dishes up lechon kawali, lechon belly, and lechon paella.

Their main branch at Mactan Promenade is open from 8 AM to 10 PM. You can contact them at (032) 402 0845 for more details.

Where to Stay in Cebu

After all that eating, you’ll need a nice place to stay. Cebu City has a variety of accommodations to choose from, ranging from budget-friendly inns to luxurious 5-star hotels.  Here are a few of our top choices:

Radisson Blu Cebu: Offering a blend of elegance and comfort, Radisson Blu Cebu’s ocean-view rooms provide stunning sunrises and city lights. Located near historic sites like Magellan’s Cross and Fort San Pedro, it’s ideal for cultural exploration alongside indulgent relaxation.

Quest Hotel and Conference Center: Perfect for business and leisure travelers, Quest Hotel’s modern design and sustainability commitment are impressive. Its central location grants easy access to shopping centers, nightlife, and Ayala Center Cebu’s attractions.

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu: Nestled in Nivel Hills, Marco Polo Plaza offers sophistication and panoramic city views. With its chic rooms and Blu Bar & Grill’s dining, it’s a serene escape with a touch of glamour.

Crimson Resort and Spa: A beachside paradise within the city, Crimson Resort in Mactan Island offers tranquil villas, private plunge pools, and direct beach access. Enjoy spa treatments, coastal cuisine, and water sports while immersed in seafront serenity.


Cebu undoubtedly lives up to its reputation as the lechon capital of the Philippines. When ordering lechon, don’t forget to ask for extra skin or sauce, pair it with rice or puso (hanging rice), or try different varieties of lechon.

Remember, variety is the spice of life! So, ready to embark on your lechon adventure?

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Important Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Better, CNT or Rico’s Lechon?

Both CNT Lechon and Rico’s Lechon are renowned for their flavorful roasted pig, but the choice depends on personal preferences. CNT Lechon is known for its tender meat and traditional cooking methods, while Rico’s Lechon is famous for its savory and crispy skin. Both have loyal followings, so trying both can be a delicious adventure.

How Much is a Whole Lechon in Cebu?

The cost of a whole lechon in Cebu can vary based on factors like size and location. On average, a medium-sized lechon can cost around PHP 4,000 to PHP 6,000. Larger lechons for special occasions might range from PHP 7,000 to PHP 10,000 or more.

Why is Cebu Famous for Lechon?

Cebu’s fame for lechon lies in its unique roasting process, which results in incredibly succulent meat and perfectly crispy skin. The pig is seasoned with a mix of spices, often including garlic, salt, and herbs, and slow-roasted over an open flame or in a specialized oven. This technique has made Cebu’s lechon a beloved culinary icon, drawing food enthusiasts from across the Philippines and beyond.

How Much is Lechon Baboy in Carcar, Cebu?

Lechon baboy in Carcar, Cebu, is known for its affordability and quality. A small-sized lechon baboy can be found for around PHP 2,000 to PHP 3,000. Carcar is a popular destination for those seeking budget-friendly yet flavorful lechon options.

What is the Best Seller in Rico’s Lechon?

Rico’s Lechon is known for its Original Boneless Lechon. This signature dish features succulent, deboned lechon meat with the same irresistible flavor and crispy skin. The combination of convenience and traditional lechon goodness has made it a favorite among customers.

What is the Best KG for Lechon?

The ideal size for a lechon often depends on the occasion and the number of guests. For small gatherings, a 10 to 15 kg lechon can suffice, while larger festivities might require a 20 to 30 kg lechon. The size selection ensures a balance between ensuring there’s enough meat for everyone and maintaining the signature crispy skin.